Diabetic Foot Care Tips

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A foot ulcer is a common complication seen in diabetic patients. Diabetic foot generally occurs due to the breakdown of skin tissues that can expose the inside layers. This condition commonly occurs under your big toes and the ball of your feet. It can also affect your feet present down

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How can Diabetes affect my Feet?

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The diabetic condition can generally increase the risk of foot problems. An extremely high blood sugar level is generally associated with the serious complications in people suffering from diabetes. Your feet are at high risk while suffering from diabetes. The condition that can affect your feet during diabetes is diabetic

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Difference between Peripheral Arterial Disease and Critical Limb Ischemia

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Peripheral arterial disease is a common diseased condition related to your circulatory system. During peripheral arterial disease, the narrowed arteries limit the blood flow to your limbs. During peripheral arterial disease, legs are mostly affected and as they don’t receive enough blood that is required on a daily basis. The

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