Arterio-Venous Malformation Embolisation of a 65 year old patient and his story

Recently i did a case of Arterio-venous Malformation of left lower limb for a 65 year old person who has been suffering with this condition from past 25-30 years. He has suffered with this condition throughout his young age. He used to walk around with a big mass bulging from his leg which used to bleed a lot. And this used to happen to him every week or so for 30 years. Now his two grown up daughters refused to let him suffer any more with this condition and got him to the hospital. I've explained to them that AVM embolisation has the best results for such condition but it requires multiple session. This patient had a massive AVM. It was very big having multiple feeding arteries from left superficial femoral artery and popliteal artery. Now saying 'multiple feeders' is an understatement. There was blood supply from every angle to this AVM. For a moment I myself had some doubts. But with confidence in my ability and with good intentions we proceeded to embolise the AVM. After 3 sessions in 6 months the AVM is gone now. We've cured him completely. Hats off to the daughters who fought along with him and gave him moral support. There are some cases which give you maximum satisfaction for being a doctor. This is undoubtedly one of them. Interventional Radiology is without a doubt one of the best fields in medicine. You must consult the Endovascular Surgeon in Hyderabad – Dr. Abhilash Sandhyala to get the solutions for any vascular problems. post-avm-embolisation pre-avm-embolisation [video width="1204" height="1204" mp4=""][/video]   [video width="1214" height="1214" mp4=""][/video]   [video width="1214" height="1214" mp4=""][/video]   [video width="1204" height="1204" mp4=""][/video]   [video width="1204" height="1204" mp4=""][/video]   [video width="1214" height="1214" mp4=""][/video]  

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